I. Principal Trade Terms

1. FOB (Free On Board) – This term signifies “delivery at the ship’s rail,” representing the cost of goods up until they reach the port.

2. CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) – Denoting “costs inclusive of insurance and shipping,” this is an allinclusive price that covers expenses till arrival at the destination.

3. DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) – “Delivery with unpaid duties,” indicating factory pricing where taxes have not been settled.

4. EXW (Ex Works) – Standing for “exfactory delivery,” it refers to the original manufacturing plant’s selling price.

5. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) – A comprehensive term signifying “delivered after payment of duties,” which includes all costs from the initial stage through customs clearance and taxation, but excludes VAT.

6. CFR (Cost and Freight) – It encapsulates “cost plus freight charges.”

II. Abbreviations for the Twelve Months in English

January – Jan.
February – Feb.
March – Mar.
April – Apr.
May – May
June – June
July – July
August – Aug.
September – Sept.
October – Oct.
November – Nov.
December – Dec.

III. Notable English Numeral Equivalents

One corresponds to 1
Two aligns with 2
Three equals 3
Four equates to 4
Five stands for 5
Six denotes 6
Seven represents 7
Eight matches 8
Nine indicates 9
Ten becomes 10
Eleven converts to 11
Twelve is equivalent to 12
Thirteen mirrors 13
Fourteen reflects 14
Fifteen amounts to 15

For numbers between 16 to 19, append “teen” onto their respective English words.
Twenty symbolizes 20; subsequent numbers from 21 to 29 follow by adding the corresponding singledigit number word after ‘twenty’.
The pattern continues similarly for thirty (30), forty (40), fifty (50), sixty (60), seventy (70), eighty (80), and ninety (90). For each range within these multiples of ten (e.g., 3139 or 6169), affix the appropriate singledigit numeral word following the tens digit (‘thirtyone’ onwards).